Quebera On Demand Import System

Quebera’s Import Logistic System (QILOGS) is a web based import system that automates all functions and processes for importers. QILOGS streamlines co-ordination between Buyers, Shippers, Freight Forwarders and warehousing staff. From Advance Shipment Notification to co-ordination of customs clearance and final delivery of goods, this system eliminates all manual functions and provides true automation. The automated interface with forwarders system and import order details, delivers real time status, automated update of internal ERP systems and reconciliations of charges from carriers / forwarders. Our built-in electronic document filing system together with extensive archiving can be accessed by numerous reference numbers including customs entry number.

Some of the benefits experienced by our clients include tracking by Order, SKU or Serial Numbers, interface with freight forwarders and internal order processing system, EDI, web based and email integration, reconciliation of Shipping Invoices and availability of information on ship arrivals in Australian ports,.

QILOGS is easy to install at multiple locations including interstate. It streamlines operational processes between departments, improves communication and connects all parties in a meaningful and measurable manner.The flow Tools and functional Alerts make the entire import process simple and easy to complete.

Being web based, the system is easy to install interstate or overseas. QILOGS provides secure access to internal and external customers. Users require only access to the Internet with a secure User ID.

Other associated Import modules our customers can add on are Supplier's Module and Customs Clearance Module.

For further information, contact us on (612) 9958 - 7921 or email contact@quebera.com.