Quebera On Demand Export and Import System

Comprehensive, Automated, Easy to Use, Pay-as-you-go,
Hosted Export and Import System for Complete Success

Quebera On Demand Export and Import System (QLOGS) is a fully web based solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the export and import community by maximising visibility, optimising supply chain efficiency and managing internal functions in the most automated manner.
QLOGS is a robust, scalable, and secured platform that connects all parties in the export process together. Freight Forwarders, shipping lines, trucking operators, Australian Customs, export staff, finance and buyers are brought together into one centralised hub delivering relevant documentation and up-to-date real-time shipment status to all stakeholders.
QLOGS provides measurable process improvements and cost savings in export operations to exporters.
QLOGS supports Users in Australia and overseas from large manufacturers to small exporters.